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Overview The salt composition of pramoxine Dosage is indicated for the treatment of hemorrhoids, itching / swelling in the rectum and anus, intestinal problems, colitis ulcers in the rectum, rectal rectal pain, bloody diarrhoea, anesthetic and other conditions. Detailed information on use, side effects, interaction, contraindications and reviews of Hydrocortisone Acetate / Pramocaine Hydrochloride From Dmitry Sazonov

Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Homatropine

Hydrocodone Therapeutic indications Methylbromide Syrup is used to treat, control, prevent and improve the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Peptic ulcers Stomach ulcer Duodenal ulcer Reduces the secretion of gastric juice. Delays in emptying the stomach Nausea Vomit Sea sickness ┬áSide effects Below is a list of possible side effects that may be caused by elements